Andrew Insignares


Andrew is a software engineer who has worked from Wall Street in algorithmic platform development to software at Google. This exposure to finance and technology lead Andrew to realize the potential of Bitcoin. 

Andrew has been mining bitcoin since 2012 from a single computer. After watching the mining network grow year over year, he saw the potential in growing a mining business. From a college dorm room project, to a shed in the backyard of a family’s home, to now a 5MW project in Pennsylvania with his partner Jesse.

Jesse Fastenberg


Serial Entrepreneur Jesse Fastenberg has been at the forefront of the digital currency transformation for the past several years. As a consultant for multiple Defi Projects including, Jesse is an expert on Tokenomics and decentralization. Jesse's background was in Real estate and finance before going fulltime into Crypto in 2017.

An early adopter to Cryptocurrency, and has been doing research in the space since 2012. An early bull on Blockchain technology, Jesse is also the founder of Crypto Community Group LLC, which is a networking group that hosts events with hundreds of members from the New York Financial community, and beyond.

Steven Space

Facillity Manager

Steven Space is the Facility Manager for Solteir. With a keen mind for innovation and a background as a technologist in various capacities, Steve is highly knowledgeable about chip maintenance and has a familiarity with keeping large scale industrial operations at peak productivity.